January 17, 2022

Popular B2B SaaS Ad Categories & Samples [Original Research]

You might run out of ideas while creating ads! It’s not easy to come up with a lot of mind-blowing ideas that make you stand out. A simple trick to make your life easier is to have a swipe file. While swipe files are great, they are usually generic, hard to consume, and can be improved further.

What if you get different ad formats & trending B2B SaaS ads in one place?

That’s exactly what we have created! A compiled and categorized list of 100+  ads specifically from some of the top B2B SaaS companies.

Personally, the categories are more helpful for me than the ads themselves.

The ten categories of the ads:

Category 1: Product walkthrough/feature introduction to existing users

Category 2: Product benefit (do something positive)

Category 3: Showcase future self of customer

Category 4: Product feature ad

Category 5: Social Proof

Category 6: Offer Ads

Category 7: Thought leadership/Original research content ads

Category 8: Product benefit (end something negative)

Category 9: Catchy tag line

Category 10: Social cause

The process that we followed to coin the categories:

Selecting companies: 

We found 50 B2B companies that have impactful and remarkable ads.

Creating categories:

We categorized the ads to help you understand the distinctive features of every category and how it impacts the viewers.

Segmenting & Recording ads:

Then, we segmented the ads into the right category to cater to the niche you’re looking for and give you a better idea while creating similar ads.

Assumptions that we had in mind:

  • Taking at max three ads per brand accurately represents the B2B ads industry.
  • The teams at these companies know what they’re doing, have data to make decisions, and run experiments, so these ads must be producing a good ROI.
  • Ads from the two most popular paid-social media platforms ( Facebook and LinkedIn) represent the ongoing trends in the market.
  • Ignoring video ads won’t affect the results. 
    1. Note: We did this since this is a blog for image ads. However, we saw some pretty interesting use cases of video ads. Some companies even change image ads to almost static videos, most probably to take advantage of lower CPCs and video view retargeting.

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top b2b ad categories 2022

Feel free to use this infographic, just link back to this blog!

Out of the 100+ B2B SaaS ads reviewed, more than 60% created thought leadership and product benefit ads.

Based on the companies we have taken ads from, the teams at these companies know what they’re doing, truly understands the power of original research ads and it must be generating a good ROI.

When looking at B2C ads, we’ve seen other categories like scroll stopper & memes that we didn’t see here.

Also, ad categories like (Product features and Showcase future self of customers) are less common.

If done right, they should have a higher chance to catch the eyes of prospects.

The bottom line: Use this research and different examples shared above to create ads that speak for your brand as well as effectively push through the stages of the buyers’ journey. 

Ad examples in each category

Category 1: Product walkthrough / Feature introduction to existing users

Microsoft Feature Ad

Microsoft showcases the future of IE in Microsoft edge.

Slack Feature Ad

Slack adds a cool feature to the slack profile.

Crunchbase ad

Crunchbase shows ways to engage hyper-targeted sales leads.

Snowflake ad

Snowflake offers an instructor-led virtual class to get started.

ServiceNow Ad

ServiceNow showcases smart IT solutions.

ServiceNow Ad

ServiceNow showcases additional capabilities in ITSM Pro.

Category 2: Product benefit (Do something positive)

MailChimp Automation Marketing Solution Ad

MailChimp talks about customer journey builder.

Slack ad

Slack talks about secure collaboration for enterprises.

Gong Ad

Gong shows better performance and more revenue.

Shopify feature ad

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for their marketing tools.

Wix feature ad

Wix promotes their web-creation tools.

Asana feature ad

Asana promotes automated updates and time-saving workflow.

RingCentral Feature ad

RingCentral offers a phone system that grows with your business.

Demodesk ad

Demodesk showcases its meeting platform made specifically for sales.

SurveyMonkey ad

SurveyMonkey talks about fast & easy market research.

Google ad

Google offers all the things in one place.

Pluralsight ad

Pluralsight talks about workflow efficiency.

AppSumo ad

AppSumo talks about faster & global results.

New Relic ad

New relic offers simplified log management.

Splunk ad

Splunk showcases cloud-driven transformation.

SurveyMonkey ad

SurveyMonkey promotes collaborative workflow.

ServiceNow Ad

ServiceNow offers Forrester infographic.

Shopify Ad

Syncbnb talks about its syncing features.

Wix ad

Wix talks about effective web-creation tools.

Canva Ad

Canva showcases its app features.

Userpilot ad

Userpilot talks about effective in-product marketing strategies.

CXL feature Ad

CXL offers a mini degree in CRO training.

Shopify ad

Shopify talks about the importance of online marketing while building a brand.

Google ad

Google offers a Data analytics course with google career certifications.

Square ad

Square talks about its sync features.

Category 3: Showcase future self of customer

Canva ad

Canva talks about its effective & collaborative features.

Syncbnb ad

Shopify offers a secure & quick selling process.

RingCentral ad

RingCentral showcases their collaborative tools.

Category 4: Product feature Ad

SurveyMonkey ad

SurveyMonkey talks about their customizable survey features.

Google ad

Google offers a secure & private phone plan.

Userpilot ad

Userpilot offers easier & faster user onboarding.

MailChimp Ad

MailChimp talks about the beautiful designs in AI.

Passbase ad

Passbase showcases their user identity verification tools.

Category 5: Social Proof

Atlassian ad

Atlassian shows its case study on Jira Align.

Okta Ad

Okta talks about the security tools & possibilities with customer identity.

Salesforce ad

Salesforce talks about a seamless digital commerce platform.

Demodesk Ad

Demodesk talks about their efficient workflow automation

Adobe Ad

Adobe offers unlimited stock downloads.

Anaplan Ad

Anaplan offers an automated sales-target setting.

Splunk Ad

Splunk showcases its report on cloud complexity & supply chain attacks.

Pluralsight ad

Pluralsight shows data on Tech leaders vs Employees.

Atlassian Ad

Atlassian talks about faster results through Jira Align.

Category 6: Offer Ads

Adobe offer ad

Adobe offers unlimited stock downloads.

AppSumo ad

AppSumo offers a discount on the first purchase.

Asana Ad

Asana offers a free coffee on their annual planning kit.

Shopify ad

Shopify offers Facebook ad credits by making sales on Shopify.

Meta for Business Ad

Meta for Business offers free account management support for your business.

Directive ad

Directive talks about exclusive offers for SaaS marketers.

Adobe ad

Adobe offers Pro Edition with more exciting features.

Category 7: Thought leadership/Original Research Ads

Workday ad

Workday talks about better-informed finance decisions.

MathWorks ad

MathWorks offers a free E-book on Reinforcement learning.

Veeva Systems

Veeva Systems show their digital clinical survey report.

Okta Ad

Okta shows top zero trust takeaways if 2021.

Crunchbase Ad

Crunchbase shows some insights to strengthen your sales.

Gong Ad

Gong showcase some revenue intelligence platform insights.

Anaplan ad

Anaplan offers “turn-key” xP&A capability across all planning functions.

New Relic ad

New Relic talks about log management best practices.

Slack ad

Slack talks about its ‘Modern Incident Response’ e-book.

Dropbox ad

Dropbox promotes smart work with its efficient toolkit.

MathWorks ad

MathWorks provides a free deep learning e-book.

Dropbox ad

Dropbox helped with a zero-waste eyewear brand’s vision.

Wix ad

Wix ad talks about their podcast about inclusive future in technology.

Snowflake ad

A thought-provoking take on decarbonizing energy consumption.

Appian Corporation

Appian showcases their automation maturity report.

Looker ad

Looker offers a free e-book on “The art of telling stories with data”

Appian Corporation

Appian Corporation showcases economist global IT report.

Veeva Systems

Veeva talks about the e-book to keep up with roster management.

Envoy ad

Envoy gives expert advice on improving workplace experience.

Salesforce ad

Salesforce gives insights on digital transformation strategies.

Salesforce ad

Salesforce talks about the changing strategic customer service globally.

Splunk ad

Splunk shows the guide to monitoring APIs for performance.

Splunk Ad

Splunk talks about its IT & observability predictions in 2022.

Envoy Ad

Envoy offers an e-book on predicted workplace trends for 2030.

Envoy ad

Envoy talks about workplace space management tips.

Jamf ad

Jamf talks about better BYOD programs to balance IT security.

Wix ad

Wix talks about building a winning design portfolio.

Zoom Ad

Zoom talks about collaboration and culture in the new workplace.

Demodesk feature ad

Demodesk offers customizable templates.

Snowflake ad

Snowflake showcase the report on architecting data-insensitive SaaS applications.

Splunk Ad

Splunk offers the essential guide to process mining.

Dropbox Ad

Dropbox gives insights on the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Dropbox ad

Dropbox showcases work predictions by experts in 2022.

Passbase ad

Passbase offers a free guide to PEPs for product teams.

Splunk SOC Ad

Splunk shows the essential capabilities of a Modern SOC.

Paycom Ad

Paycom offers a free compliance guide.

Slack ad

Slack promotes an e-book about reinventing sales.

Category 8: Product benefit (End something negative)

Asana ad

Asana talks about solutions to resolve workloads.

Atlassian ad

Atlassian offers great solutions to IT portfolio challenges.

Okta Ad

Okta offers best practices to create a secure API strategy.

Category 9: Catchy tag line

Google feature ad

Google adds ‘Google Classroom’ for bringing everything together.

MailChimp Feature Ad

MailChimp promotes automated marketing with customer journey builder.

Category 10: Social Cause

Microsoft ad

Microsoft talks about cyber warfare & how it affects digital space.

Google ad

Google promotes sustainability & improves air quality.

Microsoft ad

Microsoft talks about becoming carbon negative by 2030.

Microsoft ad

Microsoft talks about its initiative to help endangered species.


Bonus 1: Planning an ad

You need to focus on these steps before you plan:

  • Who do you want to attract?

Make sure you focus on the buyer’s journey stage to create value for the right audience.

  • What action do you want them to take? 

Make sure you use the correct CTA aligned with the objectives of your channel.

  • What idea do you want to communicate?

Use the right message to emphasize the theme of your campaign.

Bonus 2: Reviewing an ad

An ad needs to do these four things:

  • Stop people from scrolling.

Make ads that catch the eye.

  • Show them that this is relevant to them.

Connect with your target audience & make it worth their time.

  • Give them more information.

Give them something that resonates with them.

  • Make them take action.

CTA is strong and entices your audience to take action.

If your ad is not doing more of these things, consider making changes and following the right process.

We can help

Are you trying to think of ideas that will shoot up your ROI?

Relax! Leave that to us.

We have already managed ads for other B2B SaaS companies. We can help you manage your marketing effectively, try new ideas & generate great revenue. Contact us now & take your ad game up a notch.


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