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Experimentation and Scale require freedom, which comes from non-restrictive contracts and expert-backed support.

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Instead of being driven by strategy, SEO initiatives for most B2B companies today have become extremely checklist driven.

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There’s something unquantifiable that makes our company more than just an agency. And we live for (and upto) it!


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Our diverse industry expertise, growth mindset, and adaptability are what sets us apart and helps us develop forward-thinking strategies for your business, at all times.

Ishaan Shakunt

Ishaan Shakunt


Sourajit Mukherjee

Sourajit Mukherjee

Founding Team, SEO Lead

Akarshan Narang

Akarshan Narang

Performance Marketer

Sukriti Taneja

Sukriti Taneja

Content Lead

Divya Dawar

Divya Dawar

B2B Copywriter

Rashmi Chimmalgi

Rashmi Chimmalgi

B2B Copywriter

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