We’ve come far in a year.
We’d be lying if we said we did it alone.

We appreaciate each and every person who helped us over the last year, even when they didn’t need to. This page is our promise to pay it forward.

James Gilbert

2 x CMO, Revenue Leader

Dylan Hey

SaaS PPC Agency

Saurabh Lahoti

Venture Capitalist/

Nikhil Prasad

Brand Strategist
& Identity Designer

Jasleen Saini

B2B SaaS Sales

Soumil Kar

B2B Demand Gen

Arpan Tibrewal

Founder & Email
Marketing Leader

Aravind Gopalan

B2B Fintech
SaaS Founder

Vijay Damojipurapu

Product Led Growth

Vishal Virani

Founder of the “Developer tool of 2021”
by Product Hunt

Brett Heyns

SEO & Marketing
Automation Expert

Varun Jain

Remote Tech
Hiring Leader

Srikrishna Swaminathan

SaaS Founder & Mark Ops Leader

Shreyansh Surana

Marketing Agency Owner

Mudassar Malik

Lifecycle Marketer &
GTM Expert

Vanshika Mehta

Brand strategist & Communications consultant

Avnita Gulati

Demand Gen Leader

Protim Bhaumik

Marketer &
Start-up consultant

Kunal Sinha

SaaS Digital
Marketing Expert

Shantanu Kundu

Growth Marketing

Romina Buchle

Customer Centric Marketing Specialist

Shikha Pakhide

Marketing Leader &

Sanket Patel


Advait Ruia

YC SaaS Founder

Pritesh Vora

SaaS Growth Expert

Ritish Reddy

Entrepreneur &
SaaS Co-Founder

Rohit Rao

SaaS Marketing &
Community Expert

Katrina Cob

Business Coach & Consultant

Tom Ross

Community & Design Expert

Deep Kakkad

Start-Up VC Scout

Christopher Davis

Fortune 500 Marketing

Pablo Gonzalez

Podcast & Community Expert

Sangram Vajre

SaaS Founder, Author & Community Leader

Paul Viviers

SaaS Sales Leader

Karthik Shankar

BFSI Marketing Leader

Avinash Srivastava

SaaS Product Marketer

Sunita Hadani

Marketing Agency Owner

Ajay Kumar

SaaS Entrepreneur

Ameeth Dubey

SaaS Performance Marketing Expert

Priyanka Shah

Software Business Development Leader

Yuko Takagi

Mark Ops Expert

Manushi Barnwal

Cloud & Data Specialist

Ashi Singhal

Personal Branding Consultant

Mo Ismail

Marketing & Branding Consultant

Maheshwar Kumar

Expert Developer AND Marketer

Adrija Biswas

Content & Automation Expert

Wiehan Britz

Email & SMS Marketing Specialist

Lal K George

SaaS Performance Marketing Expert

Rajoshi Ghosh

Founded an Unicorn SaaS Company

Hardik Lashkari

Finance Content Expert & Go-To Finance Consultant

Swapnil Tripathi

SaaS Product Marketing & SEO Specialist

Pallavi Sahu

Seasoned B2B Sales Expert

Sohag Hossain

Ad Design Expert