B2B SaaS Paid Media Agency

Surpass SQL and pipeline goals
with strategic marketing.
Not shallow tactics.

Yes, we have the most advanced demand gen framework that drove 21 X ROI.
But we didn’t just stop there. 😉

Trusted by unicorns and series A, B, C funded B2B SaaS companies

Trusted by unicorns and series A, B, C funded B2B SaaS companies

Why companies like yours, work with us

Which problem are you solving?

Move from sales-led to marketing-led growth

Sales-led is a great way to start when selling to enterprises. But, it has it's limits. Moving from sales to marketing led is not like switching 'on' a switch though. We'll help you figure this out.

Kickstart with us,
then build your team

We'll hit the ground running & help you hit your targets this quarter. Then set up the systems & processes required for success before helping you transition to an in-house team.

Burnt hands earlier,
giving it another shot

You tried with an agency. To put it gently, they didn't work out. Let's figure out if the issue was the channel, the agency or something else. If it wasn't the channel, we'll make it work.

Launch & scale with our team of experts

If your clients built your software in-house, it may work but it wouldn't be as good as yours. Ads is what we do. We can focus more on this and get exposed to more accounts that an in-house team can.

Everything you want from an agency

Exactly what you are looking for


Wondering if we fit your budget?

We’re a good fit for companies spending over USD 8K/month on ads.

What you're
looking for
is not enough.

Focusing on just the
basics causes issues

You can use the playbooks everyone is using or
you can stand out.

Missed quarterly targets
Limited budgets, fierce competition, and the pressure to deliver big results. It's too much to begin with! You cannot win by playing it safe. Innovation and mastery is the only way forward.
Inconsistent Results
Hitting targets once is impressive! But if it's not consistent, it's not worth all that much. Quarters become harder to plan, budgets get harder to deploy. It's just frustrating.
Rising CAC
Newer tactics have lower CACs. Why? Because there is low competition. In B2B SaaS, everyone is running the same playbook. Of course the cost to acquire a customer will increase.
Irresponsible “Brand Awareness”
Your agency spent X dollars in brand awareness. Great! You can't measure it by attributed conversions. Okay... But do you know it's profitable or not? We do.
Paid Media Maturity Model

Don’t stop at Level 1 or 2

A lot of companies and agencies run ads at level 1 & 2.
Not optimizing beyond that is often the difference between missing your
goals and exceeding them.

Which level are you operating at?

Scale profitably, drive conversion & capture the market

Going beyond the basics has its perks

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Scale profitably
Reduce cost per SQL

  • Got 250 SQLs in total in 5 months.
  • Budget scaled profitably - $75,000 per month.
  • 415 demo calls scheduled in 5 months.
  • Reduced per-lead cost by 44%.
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GTM into new regions
Consistent results

  • 90% increase in MQLs.
  • 71% increase in Conversions.
  • 11% increase in Conversions to MQLs.
  • Alignment of organic and paid search.
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Increase ACV
Increase lead velocity

  • Closed 4x of what we have spent on ads.
  • A 61% increase in lead velocity.
  • Average deal size increased significantly.

Schedule Your 30-min growth call

A dedicated session where I understand exactly what
you need. We’ll explore your challenges and the best
approach to solve them.

Schedule time with Ishaan
What sets us apart

other agencies v/s Spear Growth


Industry Expertise
Scope of work
Demand Capture
Demand Gen
account lists
Effort stagnation

Other agencies

You speak with a support team
(Account managers)
Don’t go beyond the account.
Just manage ads & write copy.
Limited to Google ads
Run a couple of LinkedIn ads and call it a day.
Use what you have
After the account is set, work
slows down considerably.

Spear Growth

B2B SaaS specific
Speak with the actual marketers
working on the account.
We own targets. i.e. also work on List building,
landing pages, CRM reporting, and more.
Can capture demand even in industry-specific
channels no one else may be leveraging.
Have the most advanced demand gen
framework in the industry
Use yours, but also build our own.
We also have ways to manually refine
5-10k accounts to reduce CPA by ~20%.
Our teams’ KPIs & incentives are tied to
constantly uplevel our clients’ accounts.
Yes, we care but this helps too.
Success Stories

Results that drive business growth


Pipeline Generated


SQLs Generated


Companies impacted


Ad Spend

Ready to Scale?

Start your Growth journey

Talk to us
Define Goals & Scope
Generate Pipeline
Your extended marketing team

What it feels like to work with us

Research and Strategy

Gain insights & direction

Ad Creatives

Impress & Inform

Landing Pages

Inspire to take action

Email Workflows

Nurture & convert


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to go live with the first ads in week two?
If we're using ads that have been previously created or are being created by you(like a video), we most definitely can. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it. My team will need that time to understand everything about you, your competitors, the audience, and the industry. We document all of this. I can share what this looks like over a call.
Can I see a dashboard with all the ads results (without having to wait for our weekly meeting)?
Of course! We create the dashboards directly in your CRM. We also create a weekly report that's shared with you to refer whenever you need to. If you need access to any additional metrics in any format, we'll build that dashboard for you.
Do you plan to align with the number of leads I should reach per month (based on the business plan)?
Yes, definitely. Also, in week 2, we share projections with you. This is divided into 2 parts: i. Top-down where we take into account your goals, calculate what a profitable CAC is, and what volume is needed. ii. Bottom-up where we create separate projections for different initiatives which help us narrow down what we do. This exercise is repeated every time something changes and every 3 months.
Who will design the ads, and will I approve each ad that is created?
All ad designs will be done by us. (For videos, we can share what worked for us and topic ideas) Every copy & design will be shared with you for approval before going live(unless you don't want us to share it with you at some point of time).
How often will you tweak the ads (copywriting, personas, audiences, etc.)?
We work on the account on a daily basis. Every week we'll share everything we're doing on the account. There won't be a week where no action is being taken on the account. One of our team's KPIs is the # of experiments they run on each of their accounts. So this is something we track and also our team is incentivised to increase.
Are you able to help with AI-tools websites and compare websites as well?
Yeah, we work with any website that allows us to bid on the listings. Once we max out the base channels, we'll find additional websites that may be a good fit for us to experiment with. We'll handle all the setup, planning, tracking, onboarding, etc. for this.
Does the contract have a commitment? After having bad experiences with agencies in the past, I would like to be able to stop if things aren't working.
We usually have a 6-month commitment. I'm happy to reduce it to 4 months. That's the minimum time we need to stabilize the accounts and also for the results of the long-term initiatives to kick in. If you want to continue with us post then, we can renew for another 12 months post then. Does that work for you? There have been some instances where our work was impeccable but the channel wasn't a good fit. Given your market, this shouldn't happen. In cases like these, we will take the initiative and request you to terminate the contract with us. We only work with 12 clients at a time and our reputation and the relationships we build are what will help us succeed as an agency.

Our clients are backed by
top venture capital firms