May 8, 2024

The Best Demandwell Alternative – Spear Growth

From more clicks to more MQLs, seamlessly


Spear Growth is a great alternative to Demandwell! Not only will you get everything you were getting with Demandwell but a lot of things will be better as well.
A few core differences:• Spear Growth focuses more on generating MQLs, whereas Demandwell seems to focus more on Impressions and clicks
• Spear Growth focuses more on manual research, whereas Demandwell replies on automation and AI
• Demandwell has built all the features needed in one place themselves, while Spear Growth enables its users with custom reports and specialized tools

Demandwell is an SEO software and agency that helps companies across 7 industries with SEO. Their customers include Upperhand, Ellipsis, Lessonly, Termius and Postal. They’re known for their content strategy and campaign-based tool for SEO.

Spear Growth is a marketing agency that helps B2B SaaS companies with Ads & SEO. Their customers include DarwinBox, Hasura, Cacheflow, WebEngage and Sprinto. They’re known for their full stack approach to ads and the speed to results for SEO.

Both are great in their own space. But if you’re looking to get more than just impressions and clicks, with more focus on MQLs & SQLs, then Spear Growth is the better option.

Why replace Demandwell with an agency, and not another software?

Demandwell did 3 things very well. No software, and not every agency can replace them. 

But Spear Growth can. 

Here’s how: 

Service capabilities

  • With Spear Growth, you have SEO experts who work on analysis & strategy. You also get to directly connect with them on Slack or on calls v/s raising tickets. 

Reporting capabilities

  • Our custom reports are very similar to what Demandwell provides. Further, we provide more accurate action items on a weekly basis while giving you additional insights.
  • With CRM integration, we will track your MQLs & SQLs. We’ll analyze user behavior on the page from Microsoft Clarity, to suggest better action items. 

AI capabilities

  • For KW research, the manual approach is much better. While you get this with us by default, Demandwell provided a version of this only in their premium package.
  • We don’t create AI briefs. We recommend tools like Clearscope which have better AI capabilities than Demandwell. 

Want help with creating content? 

Fear not, we have expert content writers for blogs & product marketers for other pages.

What will my experience look like after migrating?

Moving away from a vendor you’ve loved and built processes around can get tough. We understand! 

But what if you could make a switch that’s not only smooth and easy, but also improves upon the things you already value? That’s the Spear Growth difference! 

Here’s what you can expect when you migrate your SEO operations from Demandwell to Spear Growth.

Easy onboarding with existing SEO strategy

  • Free setup: For all Demandwell customers moving to Spear Growth, we’ll waive the set up fees
  • Data transfer & reporting: We’ll analyze your existing SEO data (campaigns, keywords, reports) to get a clear picture of your current strategy. By the end of week 2, we’ll replicate every report you loved at Demandwell – with the added benefit of our insights. We’ll also add reports that our customers have consistently rated highly, giving you a more comprehensive view of your SEO performance.
  • Dedicated support: We understand you might have questions during the switch. That’s why we’ll set up an additional 2 hours of calls with our Head of SEO and the founder. They’ll be happy to address any concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

Customized SEO plan:

So we won’t just stop at importing your old strategy. We’ll create a custom SEO plan for you that takes elements from your existing Demandwell strategy and align it with your marketing goals. This way, you get a fresh approach built on a solid foundation.

We’ll go deep with manual keyword research and focus on BoFu keywords. Our clients have received MQLs within 3 months with this strategy. You’ll also see 1/3 of the pages you publish to rank on page 1 within just 3 weeks!

Creating content that converts:

Our team of expert blog writers and product marketing specialists will create content for every stage of the funnel. We don’t just use any one AI software to assist with content creation, we use a whole array of them to get the best results. 

Get actual insights from SEO strategists, not just reports:

Our experts will analyze your data weekly and provide clear, actionable steps you can take to improve your overall SEO health. We’re talking real people giving real advice, without completely relying on AI for recommendations.

Go deep into what matters the most: Qualified leads!

We go beyond just tracking website traffic and keyword rankings.
Every week you’ll get to see:

  • The ranking and performance of the BoFu KWs which are bringing in SQLs
  • Content churn reporting and tracking
  • MQLs, by integrating with your CRM

As a bonus, we also integrate with Microsoft Clarity to give you valuable insights on user behavior. This can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your website for even better conversions.

What kind of results can I expect?

While Demandwell gives impressive results like a 4.5x increase in ranked keywords or an 8x growth in organic traffic, Spear Growth focuses on driving results that directly impact your bottom line. 

Instead of just website traffic, we measure success by actions like:

  • Closed deals: We’ve helped clients generate qualified leads with one client getting a 7x return on investment from pages we recommended.
  • Demo bookings: Using our strategy, one of our clients booked 2 demos within just 3 weeks of publishing 3 pages with us.
  • Targeted traffic growth: We focus on attracting high-intent visitors. Our efforts have led to significant increases in non-branded traffic by up to 647%, showing strong organic discovery.
  • Qualified leads (SQLs): By focusing on the right keywords and content strategy, we’ve helped clients achieve a 2x increase in SQLs directly from organic search.

Other differences between Demandwell and Spear Growth?


While Demandwell focuses on multiple industries, we at Spear Growth focus on B2B SaaS. 

This allows us to gain deeper understanding & yield better results for our clients 

Result focus

Both Spear Growth & Demandwell are highly result driven companies. 

Although impressions & clicks are good metrics, we focus more on MQLs, SQLs & revenue. 

The results of this can be seen in the numbers we showcase in our case studies. 


Having a dedicated SEO expert available on Slack who provides you KW insights through their in-depth research & helps you with your queries is always better than going for tools that provide you automated KW research.

ROI Calculation 

Demandwell showcases their ROI by calculating traffic & then adding the cost of getting that traffic via Google ads. This can be very misleading!! Because most keywords you get for SEO, aren’t the ones you generate any revenue from or ones you’d ever run ads for.

At Spear Growth, we show you MQLs, SQLs, pipeline & revenue that our clients generated through non-branded traffic. This accurately presents a correlation between our efforts, marketing goals & revenue. 

Ready to make the switch? Here’s what you get!

  • Free implementation for all Demandwell customers
  • Get all existing Demandwell reports replicated in just 2 weeks
  • Customized SEO plan using your current strategy
  • Dedicated calls with the Head of SEO & the founder while migrating

What about other aspects of SEO?

There are 3 core pillars of SEO.

  1. Publishing and updating pages
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Backlinking

Publishing and updating pages:

Think of each page as a bet. You’re making a bet that when you publish this page, there are certain keywords you’ll rank for. Also, once you do rank for them, the traffic you generate will lead to conversions.

This is by far the most easily measurable aspect of SEO.

Technical SEO:

Ishaan, the founder of Spear Growth, loves saying this: “Good tech SEO does absolutely nothing. It’s bad tech SEO that holds you back.” If the pages on your website were supposed to bring in 100 MQLs/month, because of tech issues you may only be generating 80. When you fix tech issues, you slowly gain back those 20 MQLs.

The impact of this is much harder to predict but in isolation, it’s often visible.

Backlinking/Off page SEO:

Every backlink you get is a vote of confidence from other websites to yours. (You wouldn’t link to a scammy website from your website, would you?). These “votes” help increase the “reputation” of your website in the eyes of search engines like Google. As your reputation grows, you’re able to make larger bets when publishing content.

This is the hardest aspect of SEO to measure and takes the longest.

Of course this is a simplified way to understand SEO. But each aspect of it is important.

Demandwell focused mostly on the new pages to be published.

At Spear Growth, we have capabilities to take care of every aspect of SEO you need. Most importantly, we help you prioritize what to focus on.

Schedule a 30-minute call with us to learn more!


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Ishaan Shakunt
Founder & Head of Marketing Strategy, SpearGrowth

Ishaan Shakunt is the founder of SpearGrowth, a B2B SaaS Marketing agency that helps high-growth companies with Ads and SEO

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