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We enable your teams to transform your B2B website into an SQL-Generation Engine.

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What sets us apart

An Approach that just Makes Sense

No monthly retainers

SEO is not a repetitive process. There are gaps between research and execution that you shouldn't have to pay us for.

Target pipeline, not traffic

In terms of organic search results, impressions and clicks don't matter. We help generate revenue pipeline.

Work with the core team

When you work with us, you work with us, not outsourced labor. We know you've placed your trust in us, not someone else.

You are always a priority

We only work with a handful of clients at a time, giving each our complete attention. Quality > Quantity

What an SEO sprint looks like

Strategic & Actionable Next Steps

What is an SEO Sprint?
An SEO Sprint is a set of similar activities leading to a clear business objective. Each sprint is done over 12 weeks. They typically have 4 phases- Research, prepare, implement, and analyze.
Why do SEO in Sprints?
Understand progress due to Clear leading indicators. Faster mplementation due to better utilization of resources. Strategic SEO instead of checklists.
What is an SEO Roadmap?
A good roadmap will allow you to send it to the implementation team without any additional effort from your end. Since, usually the implementation teams don’t have SEO expertise. It
How many Sprints will I need?
We don’t recommend more than 3 sprints at a time to most businesses. Unless they’re implemented, they won’t give results.
What will you need from our side?
We will need some information, access to your marketing analytics tools and resources who will implement the roadmaps. We will coordinate with your content, product marketing & web dev teams to ensure things are being implemented correctly.

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Our Most Popular Sprints

SEO Content Strategy

Combine your industry expertise with our SEO chops to create content that ranks, impresses and converts.

SEO Technical Roadmap

A guided roadmap to ensure your website is a strong base for your SEO activities to stand on.

SEO Content Upgrade

Drive additional traffic & SQLs with your existing content. Also, regain rankings lost to competitors.

SEO Migration Support

Make major changes to your website or migrate to a new domain without breaking anything.

Some other sprints we are champions at

  • Bulk outsourced content
  • Guest post utilization plan
  • Template multiplier
  • Top 30 keywords

DarwinBox, B2B HRM Software

Soumil Kar, Head of Demand Gen

“We have been able to make our advertising efforts efficient, double down on critical experiments, and have higher visibility into performance.”

SuperTokens logo
Advait Ruia

SuperTokens, Open source software

Advait Ruia, Founder

"100% of the content created from their recommendations has generated clicks which have resulted in 174% in free trials in 20 weeks."

HARMAN International

HARMAN International, B2B Enterpise

Shreyansh Surana, Digital Marketing Program Manager

“Spear Growth takes an in-depth approach to SEO. They suggest strategic SEO plays that are aligned to marketing objectives.”

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How do you set goals for SEO?
Organic Search (SEO) is a marketing channel. Just like any other marketing channel, it’s goals are pipeline, SQLs, MQLs, signups or revenue. Since SEO takes time to show results, we set clear leading indicators that help us diagnose whether or not the project is going in the right direction.
Will you not implement anything?
Your website, PR, and content represent your brand and should be owned by your internal team. But, they’re also the main pillars on which SEO stands.
How do you charge?
We do not charge retainers, we only charge a one-time fee per sprint. Each sprints last 3 months including implementation support. Most companies start with 2-3 sprints with us.