Case-study B2B SaaS company, Zluri: 61% rise in lead velocity

B2B SaaS company, Zluri: 61% rise in lead velocity


SaaS management platform to discover & track a business’ tech stack, while managing & optimizing costs.


Information Technology & Services


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“Since we started working with Spear Growth, we've been able to close 4x of what we have spent on ads & seen a 61% increase in lead velocity.”
Ritish, Co-Founder, Zluri

Scope of work

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Performance Marketing
  • Extensive Research
  • Identify ICPs
  • Account Setup & Analytics
  • Rapid Iterations & Experiments
  • Scaling

Key Results

Increase in lead velocity
ROAS attributed pipeline
Average deal size

Key Results and KPIs Impacted

  • A 61% increase in lead velocity
  • Within the attributed pipeline, we’ve been able to close 4x of what Zluri has spent on ads
  • Increase in the average deal size. Zluri now serves the upper mid-level of a mid-market segment (500 to 5000 employees)

Challenges Faced

The search volume for SaaS Management is pretty low. Most companies are just starting to adopt solutions like Zluri. Some don’t even realize they need such a platform.

As such, they needed people with a lot of expertise in cracking performance marketing for SaaS.

Our Approach

Stage 1 – Research

  1. Understood what exactly Zluri does from a product perspective (pain points, benefits etc.)
  2. Broadly understood the industry (by use of various recordings, customer conversations)
  3. Identified the right ICP for their solution


Stage 2 – Predictions

  1. Prepared a clear picture of the segments, ICPs & channels to focus on
  2. Found keywords that could work for this particular industry – SaaS management
  3. Prepared actionable projections to get potential leads from Google keyword search result data


Stage 3 – Experiments

  1. Rapid iteration, tested multiple messages
  2. Discovered what worked and what did not
  3. Doubled on what worked and disregarded others


In 3 months we had conducted enough tests to get the complete picture and initiate scaling.

Highlights and Learnings

There was very little demand for SaaS management, which is why we tried to acquire customers through multiple channels, like outbound efforts, paid channels, referrals etc. It was very important to find the right attribution, which we helped achieve.

Zluri had worked with another agency before us but they weren’t able to reach the desired outcomes. However, with our approach to performance marketing, the results were prominent.

Other than simply building hypotheses based on what they said and then implementing the campaigns, we spoke with their customers, understood their pain points, and then aligned the campaigns, messaging & positioning based on the collected data.

In the end, what seemed to crack performance marketing for Zluri was rapid iterations and experiments.

The key learning that we derived from this account was that you can come up with several ideas, but you need to keep experimenting to find breakthroughs. What Zluri needed was the right team of SaaS experts who could execute ideas from a creative ideation perspective and translate them into visuals.

The Results

We successfully increased the client’s lead velocity to 61% and a 4x ROAS attributed pipeline. Also we increased their average deal size significantly. Zluri now serves the upper mid-level of a mid-market segment (500 to 5000 employees)

“I think they have invested enough time into understanding what we do, and that allowed them to execute plans better.”

The workflow was very collaborative. We were always on Slack. We conducted weekly review meetings to understand spending, the number of leads generated, and the channels gained from demand capture or demand generation.

We reviewed everything weekly, and our sales team came back to us with a lot of insights from on the ground, some of which were very actionable.

There were a lot of ad hoc meetings, but the team was gracious enough to take our suggestions and implement them as early as possible. That’s how the day-to-day collaboration was.

“Since we started working with the team, we’ve been able to close 4x of what we have spent on ads & a 61% increase in lead velocity.”

Ritish Reddy
Co-founder, Zluri

B2B SaaS company, Zluri: 61% rise in lead velocity

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