Case-study B2B Open Source SaaS- 1.5x Traffic post migration

B2B Open Source SaaS- 1.5x Traffic post migration


Open Source Auth SaaS


Open Source Software


Y-Combinator Funded

“Without looking at vanity metrics, Spear Growth worked with SuperTokens to help define good quality conversions. Their content requests, tech roadmaps and reports were always very actionable. The roadmap SuperTokens received had task trackers, how-tos and a summary report. The thing we liked the most about Spear Growth was that their energy always resonated with them. ”
Advait Ruia, Co-Founder

Scope of work

  • SEO Strategy Consulting and Enablement
  • Content Review & basic SEO Training
  • Technical change validation
  • GA Goal tracking
  • Basic backlinking
  • Website Migration - SEO support

Key Results

Daily avg traffic up
Increase in sign-ups

Key Results and KPIs Impacted

  • 100% of the content created from their recommendations has generated clicks.
  • Signups increased by 117%
  • Back to 3000+ daily impressions within 8 weeks post-migration, which is 88% of pre-migration daily avg.
  • Clocking 90% of pre-migration daily avg traffic within 8 weeks of post-migration.
  •  85% of pages re-indexed within 8 weeks.

About SuperTokens

SuperTokens(backed by Y-Combinator) is an open-source alternative to Auth0 that enables adding secure, hassle-free authentication to an app in 1 day. The platform enables startups to launch quicker and focus better on their core product offering.
Adavit who is a co-founder of SuperTokens(YC S20) was our point of contact.

For what project did they hire us?

Great SEO is the catalyst for success, and thus, SuperTokens decided to use it as a growth lever. To accomplish this, they partnered with us (Spear Growth) who took end-to-end charge of the task. We helped SuperTokens understand which aspects of SEO they should be focusing on, while assisting them with prioritizing those aspects, and also migrating their website. While lending a hand with SuperTokens’ analytics setup, we also assisted them with technical SEO, building great content strategy, and backlinking.

Why did they choose to work with us?

Considering how critical partnering with the correct vendor was for SuperTokens, they were looking for someone who had proven expertise with respect to SEO for SaaS. Moreover, since they had a lot going on internally, they needed someone who could scale with them as needed. Within the initial few calls with Spear Growth, SuperTokens realized that Spear Growth’s team really cared about doing SEO right.
“They had previous experience working with SaaS companies similar to SuperTokens, even those selling to developers, which was a big plus.
And their no lock-in clause was an added bonus! The team at SuperTokens got to speak directly with the core team at Spear Growth which was really helpful, throughout.”
~Advait, Co-Founder

Project Walkthrough

The scope of the project Spear Growth and SuperTokens agreed upon included:

  1. SEO Strategy Consulting and Enablement.
  2. SEO Content strategy Roadmap.
  3. Content Review & basic SEO Training.
  4. Technical & Backlink correction Roadmap.
  5. Technical change validation.
  6. GA Goal tracking.
  7. Basic backlinking.
  8. Website Migration – SEO support

Pre-migration (Jan):

The first phase that started was the content strategy & goal tracking, and it continued throughout the project.


Next, the migration and the SEO team at Spear Growth helped SuperTokens with redirects, backlink changes, analyzing traffic drop, etc.


This is where team SG helped SuperTokens with a bulk of the work, including backlinking and technical roadmap. The technical roadmap that they created was especially in-depth and easy to work on. They were also able to deliver this within 3 weeks.

Who, from our worked on the project?

SuperTokens worked directly with Spear Growth’s SEO Lead (Sourajit) and the founder (Ishaan). From time to time, their internal content and marketing ops team were also involved.

How did we manage effective communication with SuperTokens?

“The team at Spear Growth was always connected to SuperTokens through Slack. Weekly catch up calls were also held.

Team Spear Growth was diligent with their communication and responded to SuperTokens’ queries and doubts without delays. They ensured SuperTokens always had clear visibility into the progress of the project.

SuperTokens got a content strategy for 12 weeks (Including new conversion funnels) and an easy to implement to-do for their tech team within 3 weeks.”                                                                                       ~Advait, Co-Founder, SuperTokens

Advait and Rishabh from SuperTokens were the POC from their team. Advait took care of the entire content creation process and Rishabh was looking after the technical challenges. 

Through out the engagement, Advait always made sure to give us strategic feedback and maintained the smooth coordination between us and their content team.

Rishabh often connected with us regarding the technical aspect of SEO, also they created an internal process to maintain Tech SEO hygiene by opmizing the metrics recommended by us

What did SuperTokens find unique or impressive about us?

“Spear Growth’s team was very agile. They always turned in deliverables within deadline and never let the project go off-track.

When it came to guidance, they never hesitated to go above and beyond, even on things that were outside the project’s scope.

They did their research and clearly communicated the why, what and how. This helped SuperTokens understand and align with the content strategy they presented.

We never really had to worry about things going wrong during our migration. Spear Growth had a step by step plan. They clearly communicated where we were in the process and what we could expect.”

                                                                                            ~Advait, Co-Founder, SuperTokens


The contents produced by the Supertoken’s content team were of very high quality and they made sure to abide by some SEO points that we mentioned! That not only gave us some early validation but also almost doubled the impressions they were getting. 


Also, the tech team of SuperTokens were able to create some micro tools and templates that we suggested which are acting as lead-magnets!

The Results

Short term impact(8 weeks):

  1. Back to initial daily impression within 8 weeks post migration, which is 88% of pre migration daily avg.
  2. Clocking 90% of pre migration daily avg traffic within 8 weeks of post migration.
  3. 85% of pages re-indexed within 8 weeks.
  4. Almost 100% of the content created from their recommendations have generated clicks. We’ve just started to build out the content and implement the tech changes so we should start seeing an uptick in traffic and conversions soon.


Long term impact(20 weeks):

  1. Daily avg traffic is up by >100%
  2. Content Pieces from our content strategy is already in top 5 best performing pages(one of our content piece is at #1 currently)
  3. More number of pages are indexed now, which has contributed to more impressionsand traffic.
  4. The website has now more domain authority than what it had pre-migration.

“They cared about all the details, were very diligent and thorough about all the technical aspect about SEO. They always turned in deliverables within deadline and never let the project go off-track.
When it came to guidance, they never hesitated to go above and beyond, even on things that were outside the project’s scope. They did their research and clearly communicated the why, what and how. This helped us understand and align with the content strategy they presented to us.”

B2B Open Source SaaS- 1.5x Traffic post migration

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