Case-study B2B SaaS Company: 250 SQLs in 5 months

B2B SaaS Company: 250 SQLs in 5 months


Automation platform for the traditionally manual & tedious process of information security certifications.


Security compliance software provider


Series A Funded

“They had good projections, which allowed us to scale confidently without worrying about things breaking.”
Pritesh Vora, Head of Marketing, Sprinto

Scope of work

  • Extensive Research
  • Account Setup & Analytics
  • ICP identification

Key Results

Demo calls scheduled
Reduction in cost per lead

Key Results and KPIs Impacted

  • Generated 250 SQLs & booked 415 demos in just 5 months
  • Budget scaled profitably from $10,000 to $75,000 per month
  • Optimized campaign and reduced per-lead cost by 44%

Challenges Faced

The client wanted to launch and scale their inbound leads using Google Ads. They were trying to expand their campaigns to different geographies but were unable to find the right way out with the existing budget.

Our Approach

Research and Strategy – Identified the goals and studied the company & industry thoroughly to identify new opportunities. This was followed by keyword research to understand what their target audience is looking for.

Going Live – This was the quarterly plan of action:

  • Quarter 1: Set up and scale India, launch 3 certifications.
  • Quarter 2: Scale to 7 new regions plus launch 7 more certifications.
  • Quarter 3: Scale to 8 new regions and launch 4 more certifications.


Optimizations – Reduced CAC by doing the following:

  • Narrowed down on intent keywords.
  • Narrowed down intra-country location based on past data.
  • Experimented with various landing pages for a smooth user journey.
  • Successfully ran multiple ad campaigns across various marketing channels.

Highlights and Learnings

Ran a total of 145 campaigns with 475 ad groups & 5581 keywords.

Scaled to 47 countries in 6 months for multiple products by segmenting into different funnel stages.

We started receiving many leads at one point, which made us believe we were implementing the right strategy. But after digging down carefully, we realized that most of the leads were either junk or irrelevant.

We then started optimizing our existing strategy. After many iterations & experiments, gradually, relevant leads started flowing in.

From all this, we learned that the strength of performance marketing relies on quality rather than quantity of leads.

The Results

  • Spear Growth successfully increased the client’s average CTR to 7.24% against the industry standard of 2.40%.
  • The lead-per-cost was drastically reduced by 44%.

There was a dedicated Slack channels for constant communication. Further we had weekly catch up calls to review performance and the work done. They were generally very quick to respond to our queries and doubts.

Potentially, visibility into the continous work they put in. It’s a lot of work involved to manage and scale a large project and without that visibility, the hard work slides under the rug. They have generally been very prompt to ask for and incorporate feedback.

Time to scale with many unknowns. We scaled to a massive 145 campaigns with 475 adgroups. 5581 keywords and they were able to manage it. Allows me to confidently scale further without worrying about things breaking. They were open to suggestions and always happy to extend any help.

Pritesh Vora
Head of Marketing, Sprinto

B2B SaaS Company: 250 SQLs in 5 months

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