Case-study B2B HR Tech SaaS – 2x SQLs from Organic SEO

B2B HR Tech SaaS – 2x SQLs from Organic SEO


People Analytics Solution


HR Tech Software


$3M Series A


11 – 50

“We were established in the APAC region and wanted to do GTM for the US market. (...) They never let the project get derailed…They were focused on results and took the initiative to set up reports to help us see the impact of our work together.”
CheeTung (CT) Leong, Co-Founder & CEO (Americas)

Scope of work

  • SEO Strategy Consulting
  • SEO Enablement
  • Backlink Generation
  • Minor Tech Audit

Key Results

Sales qualified leads (SQLs)
Increase in non-branded traffic

Key Results and KPIs Impacted

In 6 months,

  • Number of SQLs from organic search went up by 2x
  • Non-branded traffic went up by 647% 
  • Non-branded ICP traffic from US went up by 466%


About EngageRocket

EngageRocket is an employee engagement and performance, management platform that helps businesses to build engaged teams, empowered managers, and elite organizations. They have recently raised a $3M Series A round from Singapore-based VCs.

Client POCs for Spear Growth:

  • Nadya Helena – Content & Digital Marketing Manager (main POC)
  • Marie Le Bras – VP of Marketing
  • CheeTung Leong – Co-Founder and CEO of the Americas

Why did they choose to work with us?

  • Spear Growth was recommended to EngageRocket by a respected contact
  • Spear Growth also had experience with some major HR tech SaaS players in the industry, which was relevant to EngageRocket.

Project Walkthrough & Timeline

  • SEO Content Strategy Sprint
    • Spear Growth team did a lot of research on the client industry and crawled through the client and competitor websites.
    • Spear Growth then created a report to provide an organic visibility overview of the client websites and their chosen competitors’ websites.
    • Throughout the sprint, we shared 2 keywords per week which included the SEO brief, inspiration pages for writers, metadata recommendations for SEO,  FAQs, and secondary keywords.
    • Total keywords: 24 keywords (12 weeks of sprint execution)
    • Total sprint time: 18 weeks (including supplementary weeks for research and post-implementation support)


  • Backlinking Sprint
    • Spear Growth did cold outreach to relevant websites to source backlinks and improve EngageRocket’s overall domain authority with targeted anchor texts. 
    • Apart from backlinks, we were also able to get a few guest posts, a podcast appearance, a LinkedIn Live, and a few replies to backlinking requests from top B2B writers for EngageRocket.

People: who from Spear Growth worked on the project?

  • Sourajit Mukherjee – Head of Operations & SEO Manager (during the project) 
  • Navin Israni – Senior SEO Strategist (primary strategist and POC)
  • Harleen Kaur – SEO Executive (supporting strategist / ad-hoc)
  • Content creation agency partners 

Communication: how did we manage efficient communication with EngageRocket?

Communication channels

Primarily, we used Slack (async) to communicate with the client for most of the project. Toward the end of the sprint, EngageRocket moved away from Slack to Microsoft Teams as a company-wide decision. As Spear Growth doesn’t work on Teams, we moved the communication to email for those last few weeks.


Communication cadence

  • Ad-hoc calls during the research period (first 3 weeks), post-implementation period (last 3 weeks), and otherwise as required to help the client along on significant matters (if they can’t be addressed async).
  • Fixed-time sprint cadence calls – 12 weeks implementation period

Long-term Results: EngageRocket Growth Over 14 Months (Dec 2022 to Jan 2024)

Organic SEO Case Study - 1

EngageRocket Case Study: ICP Traffic 


Organic SEO Case Study - 2

EngageRocket Case Study: SQL -generating Keywords


Organic SEO Growth Case Study

EngageRocket Case Study: SQL-generating Pages


Service differentiator: what did EngageRocket find impressive about us?

  • Spear Growth team was very responsive, hard-working, results-oriented, receptive to feedback and kept the strategy flexible to effectively respond to market conditions.


  • Spear Growth was able to focus on a new family of keywords midway through the sprint to drive EngageRocket’s business objectives.


  • The communication from the Spear Growth team was smooth and professional

“The communication from their side was extremely professional. They never let the project get derailed and always tried to provide extra value even beyond SEO. They were focused on results and took the initiative to set up reports to help us see the impact of our work together. We even recommended them to our VC and some of our network.”

B2B HR Tech SaaS – 2x SQLs from Organic SEO

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