Case-study B2D SaaS Company: 0 to 17000 users in 7 months

B2D SaaS Company: 0 to 17000 users in 7 months


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Seed Funded

“We just hired them for advertising, but we got an entire marketing strategy mapped out for DhiWise.”
Sales & Marketing Director, DhiWise Pvt. Ltd.

Scope of work

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Tracking and attribution
  • Performance Marketing
  • Email Automation
  • Sales Alignment
  • In-app user nurturing

Key Results

reduce in Cost per MQL

Key Results & KPIs Impacted

1. Increased userbase from 0 sign-ups to 17,000+ sign-ups in 7 months.

2. Drastically reduced cost per MQL by 92%

3. Built and optimized entire marketing funnel (Ads, Landing pages, Marketing Automation, etc.)”

Challenges Faced

We wanted to launch our marketing initiatives. Spear Growth helped us with everything from customer interviews, positioning, setting up tracking and CRM, launching our performance marketing.

Our Approach

Stage 1 – Creating a Strategy:

a) Devised an MoM strategy after conducting extensive research and customer interviews.

b) Set up accounts and analytics.

c) Set up the HubSpot CRM and other tools.

Stage 2 – Going Live & Conducting Experiment’s:

a) Launched ads on Google, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Carbon Ads, and Stack Overflow.

b) Waited for results and optimized the ads platform-wise.

c) Set up email workflows to convert and nurture the leads.

Stage 3 – Scaling

a) Got to predictable growth and lead numbers across our channels

b) Set processes for coordination between different stakeholders – Especially Sales, marketing & finance

c) Had proven systems to push users to take the desired actions after they’ve signed up.

d) Made a major pivot in our strategy as we prepared for scale – New positioning, projections, and approach. “

Highlights and Learnings

1. ICP needs to be changed iteratively in a startup. Form an ICP, then see what % of those users do these things: pay, give feedback and refer. Keep changing the ICP till the % is high enough.

2. The north start metric needs to be tested and moved. Are there clear trends among # north star metric achievements, revenue, churn, referrals, mentions?

3. Each round of positioning takes time. Have a framework, gather insights from sales, founders and customers then test the positioning.

4. When creating a new category, business models may need to be changed. Good marketing, sales and support can not do much if your business model doesn’t suit the business.

5. When creating a new category, look at parallel markets and indirect customers. Your product may be new but are you the first company to address that challenge?

The Results

Spear Growth successfully increased the client’s userbase from zero sign-ups to over 17,000 within seven months. Plus, they drastically reduced the cost per MQL by 92% and delivered all marketing assets as requested. Moreover, the team went beyond to ensure client satisfaction and quality outcomes.

“The team at Spear Growth never hesitated to guide us on things that may be outside the scope of the project. If it wasn’t for their experimentation with various marketing channels, we definitely wouldn’t have got the deep insights of our market that we have today. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Moreover, they looked at everything from a very strategic standpoint, even the email workflows to qualify the leads. Another major plus point was that they never looked at vanity metrics. Infact, they worked with us to help define good quality conversions and reduce our cost per MQL. We just hired them for advertising, but we got an entire marketing strategy mapped out for DhiWise.

We also really liked their approach to the copies for landing pages, ads, website and the fact that there were hardly any follow-ups required!”

B2D SaaS Company: 0 to 17000 users in 7 months

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