Case-study HRM Software Company Darwinbox: 90% more MQLs

HRM Software Company Darwinbox: 90% more MQLs


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“Ever since we started working with them, we've been able to make our advertising efforts efficient, double down on critical experiments and have a higher visibility into performance. ”
Soumil Kar, Head of Demand Gen

Scope of work

  • Ads
  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Extended Team

Key Results

Increase in MQLs
Increase in Conversions
Increase in Conversions to MQLs

Key Results and KPIs Impacted

  • 90% increase in MQLs
  • 71% increase in Conversions
  • 11% increase in Conversions to MQLs
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Improved tracking across multiple tools
  • Alignment of organic and paid search.
  • Increased performance into marketing.

Challenges Faced

Ever since Darwinbox raised $15 Million from Salesforce in 2021, they worked relentlessly on revamping their website, being listed on Gartner, and further improving their product. As a result, they weren’t able to make the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, trying to optimize human capital, while filling in the gaps of talent markets was a major challenge for them. They faced difficulties in hiring and retaining the top marketers.

Every team member at Darwinbox is amazing, and they have high-standards when it comes to deciding who becomes a part of their family.

Thus, they wanted a strategic presence across their teams that could boost their advertising campaigns and offer high-level guidance for their marketing channels.

Our Approach

To begin, we first identified their goals and studied their company and industry thoroughly to identify new opportunities. We did extensive keyword research to get a clear picture of what their target audience is looking for.

Next, we conducted a series of strategic and tactical experiments in the same direction to understand what brings in a flow of MQLs and what doesn’t. We also experimented with bidding strategies, which reduced their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) dramatically.

To further make the campaigns more effective, we set up and improved tracking across different platforms. With the insights gained, we were able to provide inputs into their existing marketing campaigns and work on CRO successfully.

Highlights and Learnings

  • Account restructure for better visibility into high-performing audience segments
  • In-depth audits through our in-house tool
  • Bulk landing page creation
  • Aligned SEO and PPC initiatives
  • Better segmented tracking in HubSpot & GAds (500+ Employees)
  • Expansion plan into multiple new countries
  • Improved reporting in CRM (HubSpot)

The Results

Towards the end of our engagement, Darwinbox witnessed a healthy boost in the percentage of leads that turned into conversions. They had lower bounce rates, better brand visibility to the right audience, and increased company demand. They could also improve their tracking across multiple platforms and tools.

Thus, with the alignment of organic and paid search, they could increase their revenues and performance into marketing.

“Spear Growth’s team very quickly blended into our processes and culture. They learned about our company, audience, and industry.

Soon, it was like having a team of experts that was a part of the Darwinbox family.

They suggested both tactical and strategic experiments and implemented them successfully. They also effectively provided inputs into our campaign and marketing channel performance.”

HRM Software Company Darwinbox: 90% more MQLs

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